I Am Not An Author

I am NOT  an author. My career ambition is to be a successful writer.  That is what I work towards each and every day that I open my eyes. I hesitate to say author because anyone that publishes a book can be considered an author. I am a writer; someone who lives with words and is in constant analysis of the world around me.

Next month will mark a milestone in the 6 year journey as I release my first novel Thoughts of a Fractured Soul. I can't begin to explain my excitement and sense of of accomplishment in completing this manuscript. Thoughts of a Fractured Soul is much more than a fictional tale, it is a warning; a life lesson to all who enter its pages. 
I have read so many books where an individual works hard to overcome hardship or tragedy, and that hard work leads to eventual success. But throughout my life, I have encountered so many more people that have started with a strong foundation and that do not face any severe hardships or ever have to endure any serious personal tragedy. Yet these people continue on unfulfilled, choosing to settle for a life of mediocrity instead of following their ambitions. To me, these stories are the true tragedies and I’ve expressed this tale through my debut novel "Thoughts of a Fractured Soul." 

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