Dark Knight: The Only Way to Jump is Without a Rope

This journey has been so amazing in so many different ways. Writing this book has taught me a lot about who I am as a person, my passions and ambitions, and what and who I am wiling to sacrifice to realize my dreams. Yes, I did say "who." At times I've had to separate myself from people who were close to me because in some way they were a negative distraction. While these were difficult decisions and difficult sacrifices, I knew in my heart they were necessary. The success of this book has become so important to me that almost any sacrifice would have been worth it. For better or worse, I only know one way to pursue any passion, and that's to completely immerse myself. To jump heart first without a rope and know that my morals, work ethic, decision making and my unwavering belief in my talent will carry me through to the other side. 

While my book "Thoughts of a Fractured Soul" is still a couple of weeks away from being officially released to the world, I wanted to take this opportunity to salute all of my Dark Knights--the risk takers, self-motivators, independent people who disregard what others say and follow their dreams unapologetically until they are fulfilled. I jump for you all in hopes that others will be inspired to take that same leap. 

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