Treats Only

I wish I could just pause time and capture these moments in some kind of memory jar that can be open at my request. Halloween is an odd time for my daughter. Living with me she’s an only child and would get anxiety at the thought of going door to door on her own asking for tricks or treats. We’d usually only make it to four or five houses before she would call it quits and we’d head back to our own home to give away candy to other young halloweeners. But this year was different. She’s twelve and now I wasn’t her only companion on these door to door excursions. Her best friend from school came by and together they laughed, ran, danced, and sang their way across the streets knocking on each door for what seemed like only a moment but was actually about an hour.

I was only a spectator this time, watching my previously withdrawn daughter nearing flamboyancy. What an incredible feeling to see just how much she’s grown in one short year. She’s become her own person and being a young father myself who knows what it’s like trying to find myself, she has made me more proud than she can ever imagine.

We ended the evening in classic fashion with hot chocolate and scary movies. It’s one of those moments I wish never ended. My personal Halloween treat.

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