Lessons from a Life Lost to Cancer

We met as  teenagers, working together at the movie theatre for one short summer. We became friends, hanging at each other’s house, no concerns outside of what we wanted to do the next weekend.

I went away to school, we kept in touch; I came back, we caught right back up.

Time meant nothing….

Then two months ago we spoke. She told me she was going for a biopsy. I heard the concern in her voice even though nothing was known.

Two weeks later she told me she had breast cancer.

A month after that she was in the hospital. I went to visit her. She looked weak but otherwise in tact. Her family was there, along with some of her close friends. She told me she would be going home in a few days.

Three weeks later, she was gone.

Time moved so fast, acted so cruel, took a life far too soon.

She was only 30 years old.

This post is not for me. I wake up everyday intensely following my passion, pursuing my dreams like there is no tomorrow. My friend died so ALL OF YOU who read this post realize that sometimes….there is no tomorrow.

You only have today, now, these moments to live your life the way you choose. To live your life with passion and purpose, to live for happiness before anything else.

My friend is gone, no doubt to a better place. You are still here. How will you live?

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