To all my fathers: YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Do not measure the worth of your influence by a monthly payment. You are so much more and should be so much more. I dare you to be PRESENT in the lives of your daughters. Be present to guide her, speak to her, take her to school, read to her, listen to her. Your PRESENCE means so much. YOU are the FIRST LOVE of her life and it will be up to you to make sure that love is healthy and beautiful, so you set the stage for every other man that enters her life after you.

Do not be afraid to be her friend, or to scold her for being rude. Compliment her for doing her hair by herself for the first time and push her to turn that "B" into an "A." Encourage her to be bold, opinionated, demanding, confident. And as many times as you will be forced to tell her "NO" show her a different way that is acceptable.

Be the parent she needs, the companion she wants, and the leader that is essential to her nurturing.  


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