What Does Independence Really Look Like?

I know a lot of people today are into vision boards. Writing out or posting pictures of what you envision your future to be has lead many people to fulfill their destiny's. I have a vision board too, but there’s only two words written across that plain white canvas;


Nothing, I mean like for real nothing, motivates me more than those two words.

Freedom and Independence.

For me, both of those words sum up everything I want in life. The freedom to live my life on my own time and terms and the independence to do so with dignity and passion. I’ll explain what I mean by giving an extreme example. I could easily not work and walk the streets and have all the freedom of time I want, but that isn’t independence. I would still have to turn to other people or other systems to look after me. Adding dignity and passion to my freedom creates independence because now I only have to turn to myself for any of my wants or needs.

Independence has so many layers, that’s why it can be one of only two words on my vision board and still be so inspiring. There’s financial independence which, for me, is a big one. I’m not afraid to say that some of my ambitions are based on materialism and can only be accomplished through the accumulation of wealth. If you ask me if I sit and think about money all day the answer is no, but I focus on touching as many people as I can, which will lead to freedom and independence, and put me on the track to all the wealth I’ll ever need.

Another form of independence exists (actually, many other forms but I’ll only get into one more), that is independent thought and action. Having the strength of mind to think for yourself, to not be easily persuaded by others to do acts against your own beliefs or character. Independence of thought to set your own goals and maintaining the strength to follow that plan from start to finish.

This, to me, is the most important form of independence.  For all the great social media has accomplished (and I love social media btw) it has made it easier than ever to follow the crowd and throw stones. Think zombies or white-walkers, moving based on only a single compulsion. But the moment you are able to think for yourself, the world opens gates that you never even knew existed.

So what does independence look like? Pretty damn good over here!





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