We Need A Thought Revolution

Everyone needs to take a deep breath. This week has been insane to say the least, and I know everyone is exhausted from the slew of depressing and disturbing content streaming on social media. 

Let me get straight to the point here. All of these things that are happening now have always been happening. Both in America and all over the world. And we can devise all the strategies we want, the only way anything is going to change for good is if we change the way we think. 

We need a thought revolution. 

I mean everyone. Every single person reading this, everyone on this earth including myself needs to change the way we think. I mean radical change, the Enlightenment but brighter. The industrial era but more humane. 

We need to realize that any prefix is divisive. That any label is exclusive. We are humans. All of us. There should not be space in our thoughts for wanting to harm another human being. There should not be space in our thoughts for wanting to disrespect another human being. 

We need to look at a woman and see a person. We need to look at someone who is gay and see a person. We need to look at someone whose skin is black and see a person. We need to look at a Muslim and see a person. 

Any other adjective before person should be meant to uplift not degrade. We must be able to criticize without demeaning. We must be able to accept criticism without being sensitive. And I don’t care how corny this sounds, but we must put LOVE first. To the point where it’s nearly impossible to do wrong. 

Is any of this possible. I say HELL YES. Maybe this sounds a bit too iRobot for some people (the book not the movie), but why isn’t it possible to change our thinking to the point where we choose to love each other before hating each other. Where we see a human being before we add any labels - man, woman, gay, black, white, ugly, fat, skinny, muslim, christian, police officer - whatever. 

We need a thought revolution. An awakening. A revival of humanity. The alternative is what we’re living now.

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